Why Do Actors Wear Makeup?

Why Do Actors Wear Makeup?

Whether for consistency or to better portray a character, actors wear makeup for a multitude of different reasons. Whether for aesthetic or symbolic reasons, one thing is for sure: makeup is can be pretty cool. Here’s some cool reasons why actors wear makeup.


How does lighting change their appearance?

Different lighting affects how film actors look. Therefore, makeup is often used as a way to counteract this. Makeup is used to prevent the dilution of color. It also helps reduce chances in how the actor looks when different filters are used.

Another reason that makeup is used to prevent glare. Set lights are often very hot and after working long hours, it’s not uncommon for people’s skin to get very oily.


How does makeup help them portray characters?

From a farther distance, it is very difficult for audience members to see what an actor looks like. Therefore, it is not uncommon for stage actors to overdo their makeup to emphasize their facial features.

Makeup can also be used to make actors look different. It can make people look scary, evil, or give them a certain elegance. It helps people mold into their characters.


Why is makeup needed for closeups?

On film or TV it’s very easy to see every pore on an actor’s face. Therefore, makeup is used for two reasons. First, people don’t really want to see that close up to a person’s face, so makeup is used to make sure that what they do see looks good. Second, makeup is used for consistency reasons. For example, if an actor has a scratch on their face in one scene, it would be weird if it disappeared the next. It can also add or hide things that are not consistent with a character’s story. Say, the character has a scar, makeup could be used to add a fake one.

Furthermore, makeup is also used to counter the effects of high resolution cameras. Back in the day, film cameras did pick up on fine details like the ones of today do. Actors used to use “pancake” makeup, which was caked on the face and left streaks here and there. The cameras back then didn’t pick up on this, but if you did this today everyone would know.


How makeup affect how their characters are portrayed?

Makeup can be used to enhance a character’s personality or mood, as well as alter an actor’s appearance to be younger or older, or more or less attractive. Makeup can also be used to create the appearance of bruises, wounds, or deformities.


Do male actors wear makeup?

Most of the people that you see on screen wear makeup, they just tend to go for a more natural look. This includes men, because they aren’t exempt from the traditional standards of artistic and aesthetic beauty.


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Here's why stage actors wear makeup.

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