11 Makeup & Beauty Jobs That Will Make You Money

11 Makeup & Beauty Jobs That Will Make You Money

It’d be nice if we could lay around and do nothing all day, but unfortunately, that’s not how life works. I know. Bummer. We can’t just sit on our butts or run around carefree like we did when we were kids. We need to make money.

Luckily, there’s a lot of flexibility in the way that we can satisfy our financial needs. Today I’m going to be talking about how to make money in the beauty industry. These jobs are very lucrative, given that you take the time to deliver high-quality content.

That being said, you have to be willing to put time, effort, and passion into what you do. Many people give up when success is right around the corner. Don’t let that be you.


1. Start a blog

If you love makeup and writing, you can put two-and-two together and start a blog! Blogging is actually a LOT more profitable than you think. There’s a lot of people out there making tens of thousands of dollars a MONTH with just their blog. Sure, you might have to work very hard for a few months or so, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be really easy to take care of. You can even hire writers if you get lazy.

Bloggers make money in a variety of ways including, but not limited to: affiliate marketing (you get commissions when someone buys something you recommend), sponsorships, and product sales.

Click HERE to learn how to start your own blog.


2. Become a beauty influencer

Having a strong social media presence is a powerful way to make money. If you design your brand effectively, you can get thousands, if not millions, of people to follow you. Brands will see your success and PAY you to mention their products.

To become a social media influencer, you don’t necessarily have to become an “Instagram model” and always post pictures of yourself. If your content is interesting and helpful, then people will be sure to follow.

Interested in starting? Instagram and Pinterest are great places to get started.


3. Launch your own makeup line

Launching your own makeup line sounds more complex than it is. While you DO have a lot to learn, it’s nothing that you can’t handle. If you love business and makeup, then you’ll probably love to working out your own business. The best thing about having your own business is that it’s all up to you!

If you want to become a top brand then there’s a few things that you can do to make it a little easier. A nice website with a strong social media presence is a recipe for success. Establishing a blog and then coming up with a makeup product works really well too.

If you’re up for the challenge, Shopify is a great place to start. You can click HERE to get started with their 14-day trial!


4. Start a Youtube channel

Ready to make thousands of dollars? If you love making videos, this might be the perfect job for you. In terms of beauty, there’s a lot of different things that you can do. You can review makeup products, do people’s makeup, or just do silly videos. How about making makeup tutorials and making lookbooks to inspire other people? That works too!

The great thing about Youtube you can make passive money with this. This means that if you make a video and people keep watching it, you’ll keep making money even if you decide that Youtube isn’t for you!

Keep in mind that you might have to learn to edit videos, unless you’re willing to hire someone to help you get started.


5. Become a makeup artist

The term “makeup artist” is pretty broad. You could make someone feel special on their wedding day and do bridal makeup. You could do someone’s makeup up for prom or another special event. But what if that bores you and you want something a little more extravagant? Makeup offers it all. You could paint someone’s face in drag one day and then make someone into a monster the next. Think that’s crazy? There’s a market for people that want to walk around naked or in their underwear, so they paint clothes onto their bodies.

If you’re in the right field, becoming a makeup artist can be quite lucrative. You can meet with a lot of famous people, models and actors. You can help set up fashion shoots and work directly with celebrities. That sounds pretty cool to me.


6. Sell makeup courses

Don’t think that people will pay to learn about makeup? Think again. There’s plenty of people out there that would LOVE to learn more about makeup, but would really love for all of that information to be all in one place. Think of a course with a bunch of different looks that people could try out. Or think of a one-on-one class where you can teach people to about makeup.

This is one of the easier ones to start, because you don’t have to learn that much to do it. Just think of yourself when you started with makeup. What were the things that you didn’t understand or want to learn? Never worry about “not being an expert”. Most people are beginners and someone who is an expert on makeup will most likely intuitively know how to do a certain look without a tutorial.


7. Work at a makeup store or salon

Working at a makeup store or salon can be fun, but it also depends on where you work. This job doesn’t pay as much as some of the other things on this list unless you decide to own the business yourself. However, working at one of these places does provide some luxuries. You may have amazing coworkers or you could have some great company benefits. Plus, you may be able to see new releases before anyone else does and that’s pretty cool!


8. Write a book

You can write a book about basically anything and makeup is no exception. From the history of makeup to how to do simple makeup tutorials, there’s a lot of things to choose from. And guess what? Now is the best time more than ever.

A few decades ago, if you wanted to publish a book, you HAD to go a publisher. You had to go around and convince people to invest in your book. You’d get rejected and waste a bunch of time. Thankfully, we don’t have to do that anymore. Nowadays, we have a bunch of cool features and programs that you can use to publish yourself without the extra bells and whistles.

Amazon is a great place to start. You can publish your book in under 5 minutes and reap the rewards for years to come. There are people that are making thousands of dollars off of this. Want to get started? Click HERE to check what Amazon publishing has to offer.


9. Sell cosmetics online

If you want to make money selling cosmetics online you DON’T need to start your own makeup line. If you’ve never heard of dropshipping, you might want to check it out. Dropshipping is an arrangement that you make with a manufacturer so that you never have to handle the products yourself. Basically, someone will buy your product and the company will send it directly to them. It’s an effective way of lowering shipping costs and it also means that you don’t have to keep a bunch of odds and ends at your house if you’re just starting out.

It’s surprising how much money that you can make with this method.


10. Work for a cosmetic company

There’s a lot of things to choose from if you want to work for a big company. For one, you get the security that your company won’t suddenly go crumbling down. You’ll also probably get a stable paycheck at the end of the week. And there’s also the thought that you can move up and make more money as time goes on.

There’s a lot of benefits that most people don’t realize. For me, I love that if I were to work for a big company, I could easily transfer within the company if I find that I don’t love my job. I also like that I could move across the country and work at one of their other locations if I please.


11. Become an affiliate

This is by far the easiest way to make money and, surprisingly, it can also be quite lucrative. The way that affiliate marketing works is simple. Becoming an affiliate means that you’re like a partner to that company. If you help them and refer a sale, then they’ll give you a portion of what they made.

My favorite affiliate is Amazon because it’s a trustworthy site with a big selection of things to choose from. They also have a pretty cool policy where if someone clicks on your link, they will give you a commission for anything purchased within 24 hours. Pretty neat, huh?

I also really love Shareasale, which works differently than Amazon. Shareasale is an affiliate network which means that they have a bunch of companies that I can work with. I’ve looked at a bunch of companies, but my favorite by far is 100% Pure.


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11 easy ways to make money in the makeup industry!

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