The 6 Best Cheap Ring Lights For Makeup

The 6 Best Cheap Ring Lights For Makeup

If you ever find yourself with uneven or caked-on makeup, you might be in need of a good ol’ cheap ring light. Poor lighting is one of the main reasons that people’s makeup suffers, but it’s something that we usually just don’t think about (unless you’re doing your makeup in the dark, but that’s another story). It’s such a simple thing to overlook, but luckily it’s simple to fix.

By investing in good quality ring lights, you’ll take your makeup game to the next level. Whether you’re a beauty guru or makeup enthusiast, good lighting is a must for everyone. Here are the best cheap ring lights for makeup (because you don’t need to spend a fortune to look good).


What is a ring light used for?

Ring lights are a simple tool that is commonly used for streaming, photography, and portraits. It is usually made of a few bulbs that are arranged in a circular pattern. Ring lights are popular because they emit even, attractive lighting that is perfect for shooting. When used, ring lights diffuse lighting and help eliminate shadows.

Ring lights are usually put in front of the subject, with the camera placed in the middle of the ring. Smaller ring lights can be clipped onto cameras and phones for even better photography and video.


Who are ring lights for?

Everyone can use a ring light, from photographers to beauty gurus to those who just do makeup for fun. Ring lights are a powerful tool that everyone should have in their makeup arsenal. Why?

Lighting plays a huge part on how you perceive your own makeup. Did you know that yellow lighting emphasizes your blemishes, causing you to overdo the foundation or concealer? And did you know that using rosy lighting, despite making you look really good, is actually terrible for makeup? There’s actually a lot more cool facts on that here, if you’re interested in finding out how your light is affecting your makeup routine.

Not only are ring lights amazing for applying makeup, but they’re also a vital tool for beauty gurus and streamers. Especially in photography and video, lighting is the most important thing. While colored lighting can be useful in certain situations, you’re going to want lighting that conveys what you want. Too-dark lighting can also be bad because it will usually produce low-quality images.


Are ring lights worth it?

Beyond their practical purposes, ring lights can actually save you time and money. With proper lighting, you’ll be able to do your makeup faster and save time in getting ready. Not only will doing your makeup in the morning be easier, you’ll also save money. Good lighting will ensure that you won’t waste makeup on those days where it’s hard to see exactly how much you’ve applied.

Another great thing about ring lights? They’re versatile. You can use them in power outages, for photography, or for makeup. You can even use them as flashlights if they’re small enough.


1. Best Value: 18-inch Studio Light

This 18-inch ring light is a pretty good value for it’s versatility. It comes with a hot show adapter so that you can use with most DSLR cameras. It also comes with a smart phone holder that works for most smartphones. In addition to these features, it comes with a dimmable light which makes it perfect taking pictures under different lighting. The whole set weighs about 11.45 lbs in total, which is about the weight of a small dog. Luckily, it comes with a carrying case to make transportation easy.

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2. Best Ring Light for Hands-Free Selfies & Streaming


No hands? No problem. This ring light is perfect for beauty gurus and streamers. Just attach your phone and you’ll have a wonderful setup to do your makeup with. It’s flexible arms make it easy to take pictures and record from any angle, so that you can look your best. Want to experiment with different lighting? Choose from any of its three light modes!

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3. Best Ring Light for Selfies

This small ring light is tiny, but mighty. Use this ring light by clipping it onto your phone for stunning selfies. It even comes with a mirror, so that you can keep it in your car for when you need to do makeup on-the-go.

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4. Best Ring Light Vanity

Want a space that looks as good as you do? Take your vanity up a notch with this old Hollywood-inspired ring light mirror. Put on your makeup and feel like a queen.

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5. Best Ring Light for Personal Use

This ring light doubles as a mirror and can stand on its own, which makes it perfect for working your makeup magic. Another great feature is that this mirror is also foldable, so it makes it easy to see your makeup from all angles. The left panel also features 2X and 3X magnification for more intricate makeup. This ring light is the perfect size for your vanity, desk, or bathroom. It’s also great because you can fold it when not in use.

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6. Best Ring Light for Portable Photo Sessions

Need great lighting, but want something that doesn’t require a lot of muscle to lug around? This 14-inch is perfect for your portable studio. It comes with a dimmable LED ring light and a white and orange color filter set. It also features a smartphone holder set, a power adapter, and a tripod head.

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The best ring lights for beauty and makeup!

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